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The Carolina Fund strives to create the most realistic, engrossing and educational experience possible for undergraduate business students. We take full advantage of the abundance of resources provided to us by the Darla Moore School of Business here at the University of South Carolina to screen, pitch, and manage equities and other financial instruments for our portfolio. The Carolina Fund strives to educate our members on the importance of value investing and determining the intrinsic values of the equities we screen. We encourage financial literacy and emphasize the need for professionalism as we work to build our own reputation and to establish the Darla Moore School of Business as one of the premier institutions for financial education in the country.

"Excellence is our standard" -Darla Moore

Calendar and Pitches

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The Carolina Fund is composed of a diverse group of undergraduate students with differing majors and areas of expertise. Our group prides itself on its unique ability to compensate for all these differences with effective communication strategies in order to turn our liabilities into assets for the fund. We pitch various stocks throughout the week in person and also digitally using a wealth of online resources. We select equities for our portfolio democratically, and our portfolio management team balances and reports on the performance of our selection of stocks for the benefit of the whole fund.

Value Investing: What it Means to Us

When vetting stocks, The Carolina Fund works to understand the intrinsic value of a stock before pitching or selecting that equity for inclusion in our portfolio. Using the tools supplied by the university as well as common sense, we intelligently invest by analyzing everything from the company’s assets on their balance sheet to potential mergers and acquisitions as to ensure the stocks we are adding do not only offer us long-term growth potential, but also fit a growing set of basic values that characterize the stocks in our portfolio. We evaluate these companies utilizing both a comprehensive approach that incorporates valuation methods including DCF analysis, peer group comparisons and SWOT analysis. Our analysts arm themselves with the most current and accurate information available in order to make informed decisions and develop accurate forecasts for trades.


"At The Carolina Fund, we strive to attain success while learning prominent business skills with real world experience."

What We Do

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